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About the Farmers

After church Sunday dinners at Southern Belle Farm have been a Legacy for over 50 years. Friends and family gather each week to enjoy the down home tastes prepared by our very own Kathy Carter. Each week they consumed much of her renowned sweet tea, and would not dream of leaving without just one extra bite of that special dessert—often prepared by Nana, a ninety-one year old grandmother.

Never forgetting the scrumptious 'soul food' that they had grown to love over the years, the same friends and family thought it would be a good idea to share the special 'down home' country cookin' with folks in the area. And this was the beginning of Farm House Catering!

Word spread quickly (as it tends to do in small towns) about the charm and flavor of Farm House cookery. More than fifteen years later our town is no longer small, but that same 'down home' touch is still added to every meal that is prepared here at the Farm House.

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Farm House Catering

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